Corporate Clients Mastery - 8 Week Part Time Online Academy

Corporate Clients Mastery empowers small companies to win massive corporate clients. You will improve your business model to develop sustainable corporate cash flow. This invigorating program will equip you with all the best corporate practices.

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Aspire Higher

Corporate Clients Mastery coaches small businesses to gain lucrative clients in the corporate space.

Corporate Clients Mastery provides holistic coverage of the most important topics in business development.

By the end of this program, you will have a bulletproof understanding of how to secure big companies as clients for your business.

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Dates, times and location

Date: 11th July 2017 - 31st August 2017

Time: Every Tuesday and Thursday from 7pm - 10pm BST

Location: Private Live Online Workshops

Discover the Depth

Corporate Clients Mastery classes are specifically designed to provide you with real-life corporate scenarios.

Course Syllabus

The topics we discuss follow the best practice corporate client framework.

This is the full course breakdown.


Week 1: Focus on People / Business Validation

  • Developing the understanding of the corporate client persona. Defining which corporate clients to target and approach with your offering.

Week 2: Corporate Culture / Market Positioning

  • Designing the service which fits the corporate client persona.
  • Finding out what it is that corporate clients would find useful.
  • Research the real world needs.


Week 3: Data Research / Product Development

  • Understanding of the product-market fit and fine tuning the product to properly serve the target corporate clients.

Week 4: Serve Humanity / Community Building

  • Develop an understanding about rebuilding the community bond within the corporate environment and serving larger goals of the humanity.


Week 5: Story Driven / Experience is Product

  • Developing advanced storytelling skills and mindset for engaging corporate mission-driven narrative. Enhancing the proposition through storytelling.

Week 6: Corporate Compatibility / Perfecting Pitch

  • Developing a pitch deck that wins corporate attention and creates further corporate opportunities for business development.


Week 7: Valued Focused / Sales Reframed

  • Focus and specify true value-added statements that are authentic to your business and provide true value to your corporate clients.

Week 8: Measured, Evaluated, Iterated / Sustainability, Scalability

  • Getting onto preferred suppliers list and remaining as a frequently used corporate supplier through client nurturing.

Each session is 3 hours long, with a mixture of presenting, conversing and practical hands-on work.

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True Progress

So why should you join Corporate Clients Mastery?

Here are some of the benefits and our unique selling points:

  • We provide exemplary support to every Corporate Clients Mastery student.
  • You will become part of a powerful network that has multiple corporate opportunities and direct access to Fortune 500 companies worldwide
  • You will gain an extended 
understanding of corporate client mindset
  • Create exclusive company deals and partnerships within UX Coach's affiliates
  • You will get coached, rather than taught. Your knowledge retention will thus be much higher compared to other courses

  • The quality of our take-home materials is world class. You can keep those for yourself, forever! 

  • You will get to engage with our professional coaches in one-to-one manner all the time 

  • We will give you a comprehensive post-course support. This further helps to expand your corporate client portfolio
  • You will have a working corporate client pitch deck for your business (worth £3000+ pounds)

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Mastery. Now!

Today is the day to take action on your next moves. Now!

By 1st September 2017 you will be winning corporate clients for your company.

What is stopping you from doing this? Only you.

Imagine what you will feel like on 1st September 2017?

You will have such a sense of accomplishment and a clear strategy for winning corporate clients.

You will be proud of your past self for making that decision for you.

The fact that you are here is great.

The only thing you need to do now is to trust yourself.

And decide to take the most important business development step for your company.

You will have fun.

You will learn.

You will develop skills.

You will grow your business in the corporate world!

Coach and Instructor

People who deliver UX Coach courses always have both theoretical and practical grounding in the subject matters they coach.

Diana Mae Fernandez

Diana Mae Fernandez

Diana is a world class business coach and strategist with large social media influencer status. Her approach to business is 100% heart based, but she measures it all in concrete money results. She was able to generate $0.5 million of business in 9 months. Her influence is totally infectious. Her past career was in corporate world of Wall Street, so she is very well versed in this realm of business world.

More about Diana

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Wise Investment

The investment of this course is only £4600, which works out at around £280 per day.

This amount is a tax-deductible investment for your business.

After doing this course, we soon see graduates obtaining corporate clients that add an additional 300% to their company's annual revenues.

This is almost a 10 times ROI per year!

UX Coach is enrolling students and full tuition deposit of 50% is due before 15th April 2017.

Apply today to get an extra 1:1 personalized coaching session with your course coach

By doing this course you are gaining transferable skills for life.

These skills will be applicable to many areas of every business you run.

The return on investment you get isn’t only monetary, but practical and emotional too.

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Emotional Experience

At UX Coach, we know that humans are emotional animals.

This is why instead of teaching people, we coach people.

We make sure that your experience of learning with us is unforgettable.


Because we want you to be one of the UX Coaches in future.

We make the courses engaging, interactive, productive, creative and fun.

This is how we learn best.

It will feel more like a trip to a cinema, rather than school or University.

Don’t get us wrong.

You will have to work hard, it’s just that you won’t feel like you are working.

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Loyal Learning

Our graduates now have Corporate clients in big firms such as Nasdaq, BBC, Sony, FOX, Canonical, Adobe and Yelp.

We give you direct access to top companies.

Here's what our previous graduates say about UX Coach team and our coaching styles.

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Shared Mastery

At UX Coach we put extraordinary efforts into our students.

It is our intention to have everyone who got coached by us to become a loyal advocate of our courses.

Share this course with your friends and colleagues at work.

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Dates, times and location

Date: 11th July 2017 - 31st August 2017

Time: Every Tuesday and Thursday from 7pm - 10pm BST

Location: Private Live Online Workshops

Published on: 02 Apr 2017

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