UX Design is essential for successful companies

We are living in an age of experience, where experience is the product. UX Design enables creation of experiences which users love.


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UX Design is essential for successful companies

How UX Design came into existence

The term 'UX Design' first appeared in 1988 book written by Don Norman.

He brought in User Experience Architecture into Apple Inc. in early 90s.

Few decades later, Apple became the most successful company of all time.

With unprecedented success, it's clear to everyone that Apple is all about design.

It is not clear to everyone that Apple is about User Experience (UX) Design.

Why UX Design matters

With proliferation of Internet in 1990s, software began to eat the world.

Companies realised that it was possible to digitise many processes.

To make those processes more optimal in digital realm.

Many business activities could get done by users and customers themselves.

The need for human conversation was less and less necessary.

The need for humane treatment was more and more necessary.

At first, making software was hard enough at all, as technology was immature.

In the early 2000s it started to become clear that making a website was no longer hard.

Making a website that people like and love was hard.

People loved sites like Yahoo and AltaVista because not much other choice existed.

As soon as Google came out with outstanding UX for search, users switched over.

Google outcompeted all the search engine competition in matters of few years.

Similar happened with many other companies.

Facebook outcompeted MySpace, NetFlix outcompeted Blockbuster, Amazon outcompeted everyone else.

All these companies are great examples of great User Experience Design in action.

UX Design matters as it is an essential ingredient in all successful businesses today.

Today's marketplace

'Start with the customer experience and work your way backwards into the product.'

This is what Steve Jobs suggested as an approach to creating successful businesses.

New founded companies have been practicing this approach for more than a decade now.

A (UX) Designer gets held in high regard not only at Apple anymore.

All today's super successful companies have a huge UX presence in them.

AirBnB, WeWork, Whatsapp, Snap, Uber, DropBox, Stripe, JustEat.

Corporations have had to keep up with the times too.

This is because modern generations, born into digital, have higher and higher expectations.

British Government, Tesco, Virgin Group, Barclays Bank, Sky, BT and Bupa are all known to utilise UX Design.

UX Design has made its way into all verticals, all sectors and all sizes of companies.

Does a company need UX Design?

This is no longer a question at all.

The core question is how much and where does a company need to apply UX Design best practices.

The answer is that it is necessary to apply it to all customer touch points as soon as possible.

Experience is the product today.

Design drives competitive advantage and enables higher prices of similar products.

We know a well designed product when you see one.

We also want to share those with our networks.

It is an organic, common sense reaction from customers who love the product they use.

Share the love

'Sharing the love' is a necessary and essential activity for customers of today.

Emotions are what stands out in business world today.

It's what people like to talk about.

UX Design enables users to feel connected with their products on an emotional level.

Posh hotels have known this for centuries.

The same is the case today on AirBnB, where every digital user wants a special treatment every time.

Next time you order your Uber ride, think about how angry you feel if you don't know when your ride is coming.

When you are chatting with online support, think about how frustrated you are if the person is not speaking to your politely.

Next time you are filling an online form, think how you feel if you need to spend long time filling it.

If you love the product you are using and want to share it with everyone, chances are it is UX Designed.

And chances are many designers have worked tirelessly to make the product the one you love.

UX Design and future

All successful digital products and services today have UX Design applied to them.

UX Design is no longer an option, it is a bare necessity.

Today's challenge is how to do it better than competition.

How to outwit the UX Designers of another company.

This is why it is important to work with those who have been in the game for a long time.

Those who have seen the evolution and who understand the trends.

Those who understand that UX Design is not about how things look, but how things work.

Form follows function and when a product gets made to work very well, it will be beautiful too.

UX Design is an essential ingredient in modern day businesses.

Everything is going more digital and with that, UX Design is the key ingredient in success.

Published on: 11 Nov 2019

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