UX Design is saving or ruining lives worldwide

Who is taking note of the fact that bad UX Design is preventing people from accessing key services and staying connected worldwide?


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UX Design is saving or ruining lives worldwide

Majority of humanity has gone into a quarantine.

UX Design has now become the main enabler of human connection.

People have no choice other than to connect through a digital medium.

Many don't know what tools are available in the first place.

That's a big issue.

Others who do know which tools are available are realising those tools have super bad UX Design.

Many people are struggling with the tech.

It's affecting their lives mentally and physically.

In a recent virtual conference, organisers spent half an hour trying to get the sound working.

It was the latest information about the pandemic best practices.

Thousands of people were waiting online to watch five people try to work out how to turn the sound on a Zoom call.

They all failed.

This is thousands of human life hours wasted on a single livestream which was about saving lives.

In the end it didn't happen, because technology failed people.

Yet these are not the worst cases.

Bad UX Design leads to more direct loss of lives.

Governments lack ability to put together usable key services to support citizens.

Major corporations are unable to switch employees to work from home.

Schools don't know how to deliver lessons digitally, putting enormous pressure on parents.

Bad UX Design is putting massive cognitive load on people who are under biggest stress ever.

This is why it's more important than ever to learn UX Design in the right way.

It's got very little to do with 'pretty pictures', but a lot to do with enabling completion of tasks.

This is especially the case with UX of productivity tools.

Our email inboxes and other unstructured tools have exploded with extra content.

We need a lot better, structured tooling for completing our tasks, keeping sane and productive.

The less time we spend on digital devices now, the better it is for our minds and bodies.

UX Design has never been more important than today.

Less is more.

Easier is better.

Now, not later!

So now is the time to hire UX Designers, fix up your services, skill up your existing designers and train new ones.

It has been possible to do so on UX Coach virtually forever.

Join UX Coach now to learn how to save and make humans lives better through proper UX Design.

Published on: 31 Mar 2020

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